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Sick of constantly washing towels?

Keep your beauty salon towel supplies fresh and clean at all times!

Get the most reliable towel hire service with The Towel Exchange!

When your business’s reputation is focused on promoting a beauty and healthy lifestyle, the hygiene standards of the towels and linen you provide for your customers should not be ignored. You certainly would not offer dirty, badly laundered, and worse – smelly – towels to your loyal customers would you? It’s hard enough finding the time to get through all your appointments, when do you find the time to clear the constant build up of dirty towels?

Make sure your beauty salon doesn’t spoil your customers experience by providing them with dirty unhygienic towels. As a business owner it is hard enough getting new customers without loosing some to the fact that you haven’t had time to do the washing! After all your focus should be on managing the business and making your clients happy.

Why use the Towel Exchange?

With The Towel Exchange, you won’t have to worry about losing track of your dirty towels, or of your clean towels arriving; our proven Towel Exchange program has been perfected and tested time and time again. So if you or your staff spend hours every day washing and then drying the towels, when they could be serving customers affecting your sales, you need to call the experts at The Towel Exchange!

After a long day running your salon and offering your services to your customers, we’re sure the last thing you want to do is stick around and wash and dry all the towels thoroughly for the next day, or do you? We have a cost effective solution for you with The Towel Exchanges towel laundering services.

We pick up, wash, tumble dry, fold and return to you soft and fluffy towels that your clients will love.

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Our commitment to you

Based on your needs and regular delivery schedule, we collect your soiled towels, or linen and exchange it for clean fluffy towels or hygienically clean linen. It’s that simple.

Who do we help?

We have soft hygienically clean towels and linen for hairdressers, hospitals, hotels and corporate offices, in fact anyone who uses towels or linen for their business. If you want to make a lasting first impression on your customers then you need to talk to the experts at The Towel Exchange today!

We stock variety of products, chosen specifically to meet your needs. Small and large businesses alike, The Towel Exchange team has a solution for anyone’s budget.

Personalised service

Over 20 years, The Towel Exchange is looking after its customers and made our priority by providing you with soft and hygienically clean towels and linen you need so that your customers love coming back to your business.

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  • Pick-up and Delivery Included
  • Soft and Fluffy Towels Guaranteed
  • Towel Rental Services Available