Bed & Breakfast towel laundry Service

Have You Got a Bed and Breakfast and Sick of Constantly Washing Towels?

Does your staff spend hours every night washing and then drying the towels, costing you a fortune in overtime?

Maybe you already have a bed & breakfast laundry service that does your towels for you, but they come back crunchy and not very nice occasionally?

Why use the Towel Exchange?

With The Towel Exchange bed & breakfast towel laundry service, you won’t have to worry about losing track of your dirty towels, or of your clean towels arriving; our proven Towel Exchange program has been perfected and tested time and time again. There’s nothing worse than cleaning each of your rooms in time for the 2pm check in for your guests, then finally finishing up all the necessary paperwork and having to take a basket full of dirty linen and towels home to wash all before you can finally end your day late into the evening.

Does this sound all to familiar to you?

Well then look no further than The Towel Exchanges towel laundering services.

We pick up, wash, tumble dry, fold and return to you soft and fluffy towels that your clients will love. Plus, you’ll never have to touch sweaty gym towels again!

Pick-up and Delivery Included!

Soft and Fluffy Towels Guaranteed!

Towel Rental Services Available!

Our commitment to you:

Based on your needs and an agreed regular schedule, we collect your soiled towels, or linen and exchange it for clean fluffy towels or hygienically clean linen. It’s that simple.

Who do we help?

We have soft hygienically clean towels and linen for hairdressers, hospitals, hotels and corporate offices, in fact anyone who uses towels for their business. If you want to make a lasting first impression on your customers then you need to talk to the experts at The Towel Exchange today!

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